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A little bit of Charleston in your home: Sweetgrass Baskets

Created by Kayla Cole

Have you ever heard the truth about Charleston Sweetgrass Baskets? They are woven so tightly that water can be carried for miles in them! The skill of making a basket of this quality was an inheritance from Western African women. These women would carry food + water to their families on their heads every day.

Christenberry Collection | Art

In the 17th Century when West African women were brought to America, they did not forget their heritage and continued to make the impressive life-saving devices. You see, without the ability to carry food and water, life in West Africa would have been much more difficult.

Charleston Basket | Christenberry Collection

Shields Catone is contemporary painter from Lexington, South Carolina who has taken heart in painting the beautiful history of the Sweetgrass Baskets from Charleston. She brings color to the tradition and creates a piece that would bring history to any living space.

Christenberry Collection

The Charleston City Market is a worldwide tourist favorite and is overflowing with natives who have kept the Sweetgrass Basket tradition going. Families teach their children how to weave the baskets and tell of their life-saving meaning from West Africa. Shields may not know how to make the baskets herself, but as an experienced artist she is able to give back to the tradition through art. 

Basket Art | Christenberry Collection

Bringing emotion to life is Shields Catone's mission, she loves to share inspirational stories through art. The Basket Ladies from Charleston is another wonderful collection debuted by Shields on Christenberry Collection.

Charleston Basket | Christenberry Collection

Have you visited Charleston recently? Adding a piece of art to your home to remember a trip is truly the meaning of "collection" in our eyes. Let's collect memories and traditions. Shields Catone's work is history on canvas and you can see the full collection exclusively on Christenberry Collection: HERE.

*Remember a percentage of sales for the month of July will go toward Project Night Night. Learn more HERE.

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