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5 Reasons to Buy Original Art

Created by Kayla Cole

Have you ever spent a night at a Ritz Carlton?  If you’re reading this blog, then you most likely have an eye for design, an appreciation for art, and would react as I did just wandering the halls of the Ritz.  I lavished in all the beautiful extras in every aspect of the resort’s design; the grasscloth wallpaper and marble floor in each suite, the meticulously displayed flowers in the lobby.  But, the decor was just the beginning of my experience. Every single piece of art in the lobby, halls, and public spaces was original.  The brushstrokes were so expressive and the thick paint was palpable. Each piece, whether it was my style or not, exuded the discerning taste of it’s owner.

Art makes us feel good and original art does so much more.  It says something about its owner and enriches any space.  So, take a hint form the Ritz Carlton and bring some art into your life. 

  1. The Art Makes The Room

Not all homes can be the Ritz Carlton, but hanging just one painting that is special to you can truly make your home come to life.  Artwork ignites interest and invites your guests to ask questions about it. Where did you get it?  What drew you to it?  Who painted it?   

If you have a story to go with your art, not only is it interesting to your guests but it is something that holds meaning for you and your family. 

Original Art | Christenberry Collection

  1. Know the Artist behind your art

Each piece of original art has been made by hand, from planning the composition to those final brushstrokes.  The person creating that piece has a story.  Sometimes it includes years of professional training and sometimes it is intuitive and self-taught.  Working with an Art Collective, such as The Christenberry Collection, allows you to learn about each artist personally.  For example, did you know that Emma Belle is from the UK,  Ashley Williams also paints furniture, Meredith Christenberry is related to three of the artists, and that I’m also a dentist? Knowing details about the artist makes art extra special. When you purchase art, that piece and the artist’s story brighten your home.

Christenberry Collection | Wall Art

  1. Originality

The opposite of original art is a print or reproduction.  Prints can be a great fit as well but because they are reproduced, their quality is limited they can easily be found in other homes. One-of-a-kind artwork will make your space your own because there are no other versions of it available.  There is no way to duplicate the layers and layers of paint that make an original piece unique.  Would you rather tell someone that you purchased your painting from Pottery Barn or from a local artist?

Christenberry Collection | Wall Art

  1. Art doesn’t need to be expensive

Art that comes straight form the easel with those wispy brushstrokes and luscious layers will always be more expensive than a reproduction.  With local collectives, like ours, The Christenberry Collection, it is easy to find a one-of-a-kind piece within all budgets.  If you’re a new collector, invest in a small piece to prop in a bookshelf or display on a coffee table.  You’ll be amazed at how great it feels to say, “That piece just spoke to me…and let me tell you about the artist”.

Christenberry Collection | Kristin Cooney

  1. Nothing Compares

Original artwork intrinsically feels handmade and has real depth…literally.  When viewing a piece and seeing a drip of paint on the side of a deep-edged canvas, you can tell heart and soul have been poured into the art. Those thick and textured canvases just POP off the wall and demand attention. Knowing the effort that has gone into a piece of art on your wall will bring gratitude to your home. Truly, nothing compares. 

 Christenberry Collection | Wall Art


This blog post was guest written by our very own Kristin Cooney. You can shop all of Kristin's original art by clicking HERE.

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