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Joseph Hood


Joseph Hood is an acrylic painter in his mid twenties living in Mount Olive, North Carolina. Where he lives, he is surrounded by a wide range of rural scenery, from local farms occupying wide fields of crops, cattle and other livestock, and old metal and wooden barns with their own unique character. He is drawn to capturing the beauty that he is surrounded by through painting. Other than painting rural Eastern North Carolina scenes, he is also drawn to painting other NC landscapes, whether it be the coastal region, the high country, animals, and other sceneries. 

Joseph's style overall has progressed from a folk landscape style to what is now more of a loose, textured, contemporary style that has a bright and colorful feel. He loves making pieces that are whimsical, fully textured, and colorfully bright.

Joseph's most famous pieces are his rooster paintings. What started out as a random art project at community college has now progressed into a series of fun, colorful, and thick textured roosters that come in a variety of sizes.

He currently creates his pieces in his art studio from home.