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Emma Bell

Emma Bell, a British born artist, now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Emma is an internationally acclaimed artist with collectors in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia.
Emma paints using oil on canvas with a brush and palette knife.  Her style includes bright bold florals, fun abstracts and impressionistic pieces, as well as realistic landscapes and seascapes.
‘There is something about the sea that captivates and evokes a deep emotion within me and I like to portray that in my paintings. I am particularly drawn to large waves - the sheer volume of water is so overwhelming and empowering and I like to convey this dramatic image on canvas with big bold strokes of oil created with a palette knife.'
'I am also drawn to the beauty of flowers which I love to paint in bold bright colors with lots of texture. Poppies are a favorite subject. In a field of poppies I see individual characters, some happy with their heads held high, some bowing in sorrow. Their individual personalities are alive in my work.'
'My painting process takes place in two stages. First I paint the background - a graduation of subtle colors all blended together with a brush. Once the canvas is completely covered,  I layer on texture and dimension. Using my palette knife, I add rich vibrant color.'