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Bonnie Goldberg

Christenberry Collection | Artist Highlight


“My figure work is the embodiment of who I am as an artist. I connect
to the lines and shapes of the pose, the gesture of the model, and find the
essence of the person who is posing. As I work and find the gesture, I try
to keep the details to a minimum. I believe it is important to engage the
viewer in a work of art and I see it as collaboration between the model, the
artist, and the viewer. We, as artists and as lovers of art, understand that
art is what teaches us what is important in life and defines those moments
that we all have when beauty becomes reality.”


Bonnie is the recipient of a 2016 arts award and honor from the Palmetto
Center for Women for outstanding work in her field and her many
contributions to the community. She is a self taught artist who has studied
with many notable painters including Alex Powers, Katherine Chang Liu,
Glenn Bradshaw, Ernest Velardi, Don Andrews, Sigmund Abeles, and
Carole Barnes. Her work is in private collections in the United States,
Canada, and France. S