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Molly Wright

Molly Wright recently moved to North Carolina from Georgia. She is an East Coaster, having lived in Connecticut and Virginia as well. A painter all of her life, she received a BA, majoring in fine art, from Randolph Macon Women’s College in Lynchburg, VA.

Molly works in both oil and acrylic, responding to the thick texture and strong pure color offered by both. She enjoys the interplay between representation and abstraction and always she strives to paint beauty, describing her subject choices as being dynamic. People in everyday situations, flowers, animals, and garden landscapes, all provide inspiration. Molly’s newer works are expressionistic and impressionistic ~ utilizing color as a tool as much as her brush. She achieves distinction with her bright, happy palette and a loose painterly style that allows for the viewers own interpretation to be part of the piece.  Prints of some of Molly's previous works have been available through Ballard Designs, Potter Barn, and Homegoods.