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Artist Highlight: Tessa Smith

Created by Kayla Cole Artist Highlight

Tessa Smith joined the Christenberry Collection team during the craziest year {ever} and we could not love her more. Social media is such a powerful tool, it connects people and artists from all over the world to a network they otherwise would have never known. Tessa had always loved the artwork that came out of Christenberry Collection, and when she and I connected through Instagram, I knew she had to join our team!
Art has always been a part of Tessa's life, even as a kid. Art had an even larger presence in her life when she was in high school and she was able to refine her skills more. As most artist stories go, college pushed art to the back burner for Tessa as she poured her time and energy into becoming a pediatric occupational therapist.
Several years into her career as an OT Tessa began to wonder if her 'true self' was being stifled with a rigid schedule and zero self expression. She knew she needed to get back into what grounded her as she was growing up.... Art.
When asked why art is important for society as a whole, Tessa shared her thoughts, "Art touches every facet of human life- it’s gives new perspective, helps us to develops new ideas, gives us hope and inspiration, helps us to grieve or even sort through difficult emotions that we don’t understand! Art brings magic into our lives. I think of my home and then I imagine it without any art and it is a totally different space. Art gives a space a heartbeat and tells a story- and what’s amazing and beautiful, is that story changes depending on the lens of the audience."
Tessa likes to achieve a calming yet joyful energy in her art. When she is painting, she always tries to capture unique relationships between colors, shapes and lines. She likes to envision the home that will hold each piece as she creates it.
Tessa's inner circle raves about the friendly nature of her artwork. They believe her kind spirit comes out in every brush stroke. Her biggest inspiration comes from WATER! When she is painting blues and greens she can feel herself relax as if she is on vacation. The energy that she feels from the beach-inspired colors reminds her of the exact feeling of standing in the sand at the ocean taking in the sounds and smells of the coast.
Tessa's every day secret is to start her day with a smoothie! She says "Smoothies are so fresh they make me feel energy for the whole day!" While creating art is an emotional experience for Tessa, her best work is usually done when she is happy. We love this concept because each piece is made with positivity!
You can view all of Tessa's available work HERE and be sure to follow her on Instagram @tessasmithartist

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