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The Lion and The Lamb

Created by Kayla Cole

The lion, which is mightiest among beast and does not turn back before any. Proverbs 30:30

Lions are the mightiest animal in the animal kingdom. They turn back for no other animal. They are not afraid of elephants or zebras because they know they are the king of the jungle. They rule the land and the Bible often times reminds us that God is our King, our lion. God does not turn back for anyone or anything. 
Kym De Los Reyes was inspired by our Ultimate Lion, God, when she created The Lion and The Lamb series. She is constantly overwhelmed with God's daily portion of grace for us and had to share her feelings on canvas.
The Lamb in her series represents Jesus and his sacrifice for our eternal lives. God is our fearless Lion and Jesus is our sweet Lamb. Kym has always wanted to share her faith through her talents and this series is no exception.
Kym feels honored to be able to paint for a living. Working as an artist for a living is such a blessing to her, she gets to be creative and create for a living. She gets to meet other creatives and share her passion with them. The Lion and The Lamb series engulfs her passion and her faith on canvas.
Join us as we celebrate Kym's work and her dedication to creating. The Lion and The Lamb collection can be found exclusively on our website HERE. 
If you have questions regarding one of the pieces in Kym's collection, or just want to say hi... follow us on Instagram: @Christenberry_Collection

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