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Basket Ladies + 'August' Collection

Created by Kayla Cole

Reminiscing On The Crowns of Glory Series by Shields Catone.

Christenberry Collection, Southern Art, Acrylic Art, Art Collectors Dream
This series was all about the daily burdens we carry as women. Women are constantly trying to juggle all of the duties and ideals that today's society has placed on our heads.  {hello Pinterest perfect life... yeah right}. 
Christenberry Collection, Southern Art, Woman painted carrying a basket of flowers on her head
In uncertain times {like 2020} Shields found herself overwhelmed by the bigger picture, and began to hyper focused on what impact she can make in her circle of relationships. Which lead her to feel burdened and when she remembered that word, burden, she remembered one important fact:

Traditionally, a basket or bundle carried on ones head was called a “burden.”

Christenberry Collection, Acrylic painting of a woman carrying a basket of flowers on her head
The faces that Shields painted represent all women and those every-day burdens we carry. As she painted this series, she hoped her viewer would see in their faces strength, determination, humility and kindness.
Christenberry Collection, Southern Artist, Woman carrying flowers on her head
In I Peter 5 we are told that if we deal well with those things that are under our care, that we will one day “receive the crown of glory that will never fade away.” Shields was inspired by this verse and her knowledge of the word 'Burden' and created the most stunning collection.
Although this collection is sold out, we can work with you on a commission. {Email Us For Details}

And Looking ahead at The August Collection by Amy Dixon

Christenberry Collection Abstract art by Amy Dixon

Amy Dixon released a series of abstracts that are taking our August launch to the next level! The colors she brought together are stopping me in my tracks {literally}.

 Christenberry Collection, Southern Artist, Amy Dixon

If you are like me, you have fresh flowers in your house every week and the Summer Bunch (above) piece from Amy Dixon's collection puts that feeling onto canvas.

Christenberry Collection, Amy Dixon, Original Art

Amy took all of the colors she sees at the beach and created this exquisite piece Beach No. 1 (above). You can visit Amy's page for the full August Collection and see the stunning work she produced this year.


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