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Christenberry Collection Supporting Project Night Night

Created by Kayla Cole Not-For-Profit

Christenberry Collection, founded by Meredith Christenberry, is committed to giving back to the community through not-for-profit months. Meredith thought through many avenues of giving back to her community before deciding to make a percentage of sales each month go toward a cause and group that is making the world a better place.
Art brings beauty to our homes and passion to our days, but it can also be an avenue for supporting organizations that support our community. Having a home is a luxury that not all Americans have. Children especially are burdened during this difficult circumstance, and Project Night Night has a heart to help children in need of a sense of home.
Christenberry Collection | Project Night Night

Founded in 2005, Project Night Night (PNN) is an award-winning nonprofit organization that equips children living in homeless and low-income situations with the essentials they need to be ready to learn, to feel less stressed, and to be reminded of their value. The Project Night Night Team will provide a Night Night Bag (filled with a stuffed animal, book, and blanket) to local families in Columbia, SC when they enter a temporary housing facility. The goal is to have each and every child receive a bag when they enter the housing facility. 

Christenberry Collection has decided to partner with Project Night Night for the month of July. For the entire month, a portion of the proceeds from every piece of art sold will go toward the Project Night Night mission. 

Every. Single. Piece.

There are a few ways to give back to Project Night Night:

1. Donate Directly to Project Night Night HERE

2. Buy Art on Christenberry Collection during the month of July. All art is included in the not-for-profit month.

If you have been eyeing a piece for a while, now is your chance to buy the art and give back to your community at the same time. Here are a few pieces of art that are for sale on Christenberry Collection now: 

Wild and Free | Christenberry Collection

Christenberry Collection | Kristen Cooney 

Christenberry Collection | Mary Katheryn Kindig

We are excited to partner with not-for-profit groups throughout the next year. If you support an organization that you'd like for us to partner with, please email us at

If you'd like to support our July campaign with Project Night Night, feel free to repost this blog post, tag us on Instagram, or give us a shoutout on your Facebook. We are all in this together and together we can make a difference.

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