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A Colorful Collage: Mary Kathryn Kendig

Created by Kayla Cole

A Colorful Collage is a new original collection by an Alabama artist we love:
Mary Kathryn Kendig has always been the definition of creativity.
She loved arts and crafts as a child, and grew into a high school student who made sure each football game was well decorated with hand crafted posters and signs. As an adult, she built a studio in her home where she spends most of her time (unless of course, she is spending time with her 2-year old twins!).
When our Christenberry Collection team asked her to define what art is, Mary Kathryn shared, "Art to me is transforming. I feel, like a great song, you can be transformed to a different era by simply admiring art. It is inspiring and brings communities together!"
Mary Kathryn has tried a multitude of mediums and subjects, but recently her art has taken an abstract focus. This abstract style has really soared her art to new heights, which we can enjoy in her newest collection, A Colorful Collage.


Mary Kathryn has always admired and found inspiration in Christenberry Collection's diversity of artists. She loves being a part of the Christenberry Collection team and learns from each artist that is a part of the collection.


 The A Colorful Collage collection is live on Christenberry Collection now. Mary Kathryn Kendig would love for you to have an original of her collection in your home. You can find the perfect piece HERE.

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