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Artist Highlight: Angela Moulton

Created by Kayla Cole Artist Highlight

Angela Moulton is a nature inspired artist who grew up in Illinois. Her mom is passionate about creativity and arts, which made for a childhood full of entertaining and excitement. Angela's family entertained regularly and always had a home that was put together and perfectly designed.

The way Angela was brought up gave her a desire to learn more about art and aesthetics.

Her newest collection "Birds of a Feather," displays colorful birds on wooden panels. Each painting is original and inspired from the country scenery she loves. Angela came to the Christenberry Collection through Instagram and loves being a member of a team of artists who encourage one another and support all types of creativity.

We recently asked Angela if she loved vacationing at the beach or the mountains? She shared with us that she actually loves both equally (Can we blame her?).  Boating, fishing, salty air and sea birds are some of Angela's favorite things, but mountains can be visited anytime of the year and enjoyed. She snowboards in the winter and camps with her family in the summer, and we are here to tell you Angela Moulton does it all.

Angela's friends tell her often how unique her work is and encourage her to continue using big broad strokes and bright colors. You can see all of Angela's work on her artist page HERE.

Green and Yellow Painted Bird

We couldn't highlight Angela without mentioning her second love.... Dark Chocolate. Angela couldn't live without it and we totally understand. If you love Angela's work as much as we do, send her some love by commenting your favorite piece below.

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