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Artist Highlight: Ashley Williams

Created by Kayla Cole Artist Highlight

This week on the blog we are highlighting Ashley Williams, a local superwoman who created The Collective, Manages Hue Home Studio, Runs Linen and Loom (with her college best friend), and creates beautiful art.

Ashley traveled the Southeast with her mom as a child shopping through antique stores and hometown galleries. The constant exposure gave her a passion for art and design. Her mom was an art teacher for 25+ years (Shout out to all the teachers out there!). Ashley began up-cycling and painting furniture in 2014 to sell to homeowners in her hometown Columbia, SC. This small business grew into an idea that is now The Collective where she sells her work as well as other artists and designers in the Columbia area. 

The Collective

Hue Home Studio is a place where Ashley uses her creative outlet of design to set up beautiful spaces and homes. She loves to pull pieces together from different parts of the world and combine them with local pieces to create the most cozy of spaces.

Hue Home Studio

Ashley is also an artist. We are SO proud to have Ashley on the Christenberry Collection team where she is able to promote her Intaglios, Babes in Bauble, and abstract art. When asked how her friends would describe her art, Ashley responded, "I HOPE that they say my art is a representation of my personality (a little quirky, a little fun, a little cheeky, etc)." We believe it does, Ashley, and we love the plethora of styles you bring to our group.

You can check out all of Ashley's work on her artist page HERE, but here are a few of our favorite pieces: 

Intaglios | Gold Frame

Ashley Williams Art

Ashley also loves fashion and when The Collective began she knew fashion was the final piece that needed to complete the shopping experience puzzle. Ashley phoned her best friend from College, bounced the idea of a fashion line off of her, and the two instantly launched Linen and Loom! Linen and Loom is sold on Instagram @linenandloom as well as in The Collective. Here is a snapshot of the Linen and Loom Line where I was honored to model some of her most fun outfits @Klacole:

Klacole | Linen and Loom

KlaCole | Linen and Loom


 Ashley has a lot of passions and works hard to keep her businesses going, but her true love is her family. Bruce, the toothless Yorkie (who is 12) leads the Williams' pack while Ashley and her husband corral 3 extremely fun, but very active children: Taylor (female, 8),Rocco (male, 6), and Brewer (female, 4).

One secret we should mention about Ashley is that she has a professional sweet tooth! If you see Ashley around The Collective or painting and decorating, buy her a candy bar (she will be so grateful you did).

Thank you, Ashley, for letting us highlight you and celebrate all that you do for your family, the Christenberry Collection, and your community. 



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