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Ashley Williams

Born out of a love for an equal balance of antiques, painted furniture, and new pieces, HVF was started in 2014 by Ashley Horne Williams.  The small business got its start after its owner was asked by several interior design friends to paint client's furniture.  Now it has become a steady flow of painting furniture for its own clients, helping clients find unique pieces of furniture for their homes, art commissions, interior styling, and designing home decor.  
A native of Columbia, SC, Ashley recalls traveling to cities in the South, both small and large, to antique with her mother as a child.  She also has fond memories of visiting her mother in her art classroom and spending hours crafting with her mother's art supplies.  Her mother also sewed in her free time, so she was able to pick up the basics as a child, as well as her love for beautiful fabrics.  
Although she studied Science and ultimately went on to become a nurse in Cardiology, Ashley has always kept her love for art and design near and dear.  This small company is her true passion and she has enjoyed every minute of it.