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Featured Artist: Kym De Los Reyes

Created by Kayla Cole Artist Highlight

Announcing a new series at Christenberry Collection is one of the most exciting parts of the business. When you purchase a piece of art from a series, you are purchasing a passionate story.

Kym De Los Reyes is a Christenberry Collection artist who is launching a new series this month: Soft Coast Designs

We had the chance to ask Kym to share the behind the scenes of her new series with us through interview style questions, and her answers will make you fall even more in love with the magnificent new pieces. 

Soft coast Designs are a small collection on paper meant to bring the sea to you, the collector. To Kym, everything about where the water meets the land is monumental. The beach embodies peace, presence, life, joy and color all in one place. Kym believes the sea is tranquility at it's best. She shared with us that her "little pieces of art are inspired by the softness, the palette and the sights of the coast."

Kym has a unique passion for art and when asked how art entered her life, she responded, "Drawing and painting was something I have done my entire life. I was always interested in capturing the world around me. Growing up a middle child of a large family, I believe it was my way to find a voice and be heard. I remember once my family went on a tropical vacation...I sat under the tree to draw the palm trees while my sisters swam in the ocean!! I kept it up my entire education and eventually earned a degree in fine arts. I dove head first about 4 years ago and pursued it full time!! I had no choice, I kept hearing the whisper in my ear to go for it!!"

With the new art, Kym hopes to have captured sand, seashells, water, movement, energy, sky and sun on paper. She wants the collector to see each piece daily and feel for a moment...lightness!

She said, "I hope these sweet paintings transfer, even an ounce of love, I have for the coast. I pray my work brings nothing but joy to the collector. It is such and honor for my work to live in people's home. I don't take that lightly. I want the owner to feel lighter with my work."

If you are wondering how long this type of series takes to create, you aren't alone. We asked Kym that very question and she shared the secrets behind the series: "I have been working on these little papers for a very long time. It was collection I was growing unintentionally but purposefully. I paint everyday and realized how much work I had. I curated this grouping based on the same inspiration and expression I had while working, though each piece is different, I painted it from the same place from the heart."

Kym paints every single day, and finds that creativity comes to her if she sticks to her routine of daily painting. She lives with her family in California and has become a widely known artist. 

So what's next after a fantastic launch of a series? Artists usually begin another masterpiece series. While we wait on the next brilliant piece from Kym, you can find each of the Soft Coast Designs pieces on her page HERE. 

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