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Artist Highlight: Molly Wright

Created by Kayla Cole

Molly Wright is an East-coast artist who creates art that is both abstract and realism. She lives in Huntersville, NC with her family and paints almost everyday. Molly has two sons and a daughter who have given her three grandchildren and we are so glad she is a part of the Christenberry Collection Team. 

Christenberry Collection | Molly Wright

Molly is an acrylic artist, but this has not always been her main focus. Five years ago her mother needed a caregiver and Molly found herself traveling often to be available for her mom and family. Oil painting materials are more complicated to travel with and dry at a very slow pace, which led her to focus more on acrylics. Today, Molly focuses solely on acrylics and has mastered the medium:

Christenberry Collection | Molly Wright

We all know the process of becoming an artist takes a lot of hardwork and determination, and Molly is no exception. She has vivid memories as a child in kindergarten painting at an easel and feeling like it was the only comfortable part of her day. This feeling of comfort did not elude her in high school, but rather grew into her future career. 

Christenberry Collection | Molly Wright

We asked Molly why art is important for our society and she said "I think Art is a personal expression of the artist.  Each artist/piece of art resonates with different people. I would say that society needs art because we all need the freedom to express ourselves through different avenues.  Art is one of those that can be very powerful for the artist and the viewer."

Christenberry Collection | Art 

Molly brings life to our artist community and we are so glad she is here. You can see all of Molly's art HERE and can follow any announcements on Instagram @Christenberry_Collection  


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