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Artist Highlight: Lauren Neville

Created by Kayla Cole Artist Highlight

Lauren Neville is a Christenberry Collection artist who loves color and unique details for her paintings. This month we are highlighting Lauren and sharing her take on art, inspiration, and upcoming summer collaborations.

Charleston Artist Lauren Neville | Christenberry Collection

Lauren lives in Mount Pleasant, SC with her husband and two daughters who love spending time with her in their home art studio. 

When she is not painting, Lauren is a full time first grade teacher at an arts integrated school where she teaches young minds about the value and joy of art.

Lauren knew Meredith Christenberry from their hometown in Sumter, SC. She was able to connect with Christenberry Collection after her first daughter was born. Since teaming up with Christenberry Collection, Lauren has been able to create multiple collections, including her latest: "Sea Glass"

South Carolina Artist Blue Art | Christenberry Collection

Sea Glass is a series of paintings that exhibit the colors you would see when you visit the beach, which by no surprise, is Lauren's favorite place to vacation.

Pink Sea Glass Art | Christenberry Collection

When Lauren was asked why art is important to society she responded, "I think art is important for our society because it allows people to express themselves in different ways. It gives people the opportunity to show a different side to them."

Lauren expresses herself through her signature gold leaf trim on each piece. The Sea Glass VII below shows how the gold leaf trim is the perfect addition to an already perfect piece.

Gold Leaf Trimmed Art | Christenberry Collection

Recently, Lauren was honored by being highlighted in Conde Nast “World of Interiors” magazine:

Lauren Neville | Christenberry Collection

Lauren Neville | Christenberry Collection


She is going to feature a piece in the May, June, and July editions of the magazine and we couldn't be more proud! You can see more of the World of Interiors HERE

Lauren's bold colors and gold leaf trim set her apart from other artists, but her passion is the true foundation of her work. She is easy to highlight and if you are in Mount Pleasant area you might just see her with her family eating sushi or teaching art classes at Christenberry Collection's newest location - the Castleton Marketplace! 

Follow @ChristenberryCollection and @castletonmarketplace on instagram for class announcements! 

Or Visit Castleton Marketplace at 665 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., Mount Pleasant, SC

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