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One Day is Never Enough For Moms: Mother's Day 2018

Created by Kayla Cole Gift Guide Holiday Mother's Day

Celebrating Mother's Day is never quite enough. How can one single day show what our mom means to us?! Moms deserve a private island filled with wonderful flowers and endless chocolate by the sea. Islands, however, are not always in our budget.

What if we didn't have to break the bank for a Mother's Day gift that reminds mom why we are the favorite child?! What if we could be the favorite child every year and give a gift that will last a lifetime? 

Art. The answer is art. Art allows us to show personality and creativity in gift giving. 

Do you love the memories you have with your mom over breakfast with a big glass of orange juice? There's a piece of art for that:


Do you always eat oysters with your mom when you visit her? There is a piece of art for that too, thanks to artist Amy Christenberry:


Does your mom always have fresh flowers on her table at home? There is a piece of art for even that! Emma Bell captures it perfectly:

Pink Flowers

Is your mom high fashion? The adorable Tea Stained Ladies by Whitney Stoddard might be the perfect fit for her:

Painted Lady

Does your mom like to be outside in the fresh air and wilderness? Jenny Moss' oil paintings will take her breath away:

Beautiful Nature

And what mom doesn't love dogs? Elizabeth Warner has the perfect painting for the animal lover in your life:

Red Dog

There is a piece of art for almost any memory you share with your mom, and we have hundreds of options under $150 to make your shopping easy and affordable.

Need help finding the perfect piece? Email us at or message us on Instagram @Christenberry_Collection

For an extra gift this year- Take 10% off with CODE: ILOVEMOM 

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