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New Artist Alert: Elizabeth McLaurin

Created by Kayla Cole

If you didn't notice... We added a new artist to our collection this month!

Elizabeth McLaurin

Elizabeth grew up in Houston as a child and moved to Fort Worth, Texas when she attended  Texas Christian University (TCU). While she was growing up, Elizabeth was always doing arts and crafts at home and looking for after-school art classes. In high school she started pursuing art a little more seriously as she fell in love with oil painting. Elizabeth went on to major in art at TCU and became the artist she is today.


Christenberry Collection | Elizabeth McLaurin | Artist | Texas


Elizabeth's parents were passionate about showing Elizabeth the natural world. From coral reefs, to glaciers, to wildflowers, they brought her to diverse environments, and taught her to notice the world around me. This exposure was critical in how Elizabeth sees art today, as a way to bring the world to the walls of your home.

Elizabeth said, " Art can make you think, it can cause excitement, or it can simply bring a sense of peace. Art captures forever the moments that might otherwise be missed."

Christenberry Collection | Texas Artist | Elizabeth McLaurin


As a Texas landscape artist that primarily paints in oils, Elizabeth is most interested in the interaction between the light and the land, and capturing a familiar place as time passes and seasons change.

Texas Artist | Christenberry Collection | Elizabeth McLaurin


Most people describe Elizabeth's work as peaceful and calming. The peacefulness Elizabeth paints is always based on an actual place, and typically her family farm. The calm that shows up on the farm in the early mornings and the joy of family gathered around a dinner table are all inspirations that Elizabeth attempts to put into her art.

Texas Artist | Christenberry Collection | Art


On a personal side, Elizabeth lives with her husband and golden retriever, Murphy. They love going to the beach and eating tomatoes from the garden in the spring. 
Elizabeth joined our collection to expand her reach beyond Texas and connect with new artists in the Southeast. 
Welcome, Elizabeth, we are honored to have you on the team!

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