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Oh Hey 2020!

Created by Kayla Cole

Can you believe it is 2020?! We can't.
Christenberry Collection has been busy adding new artists, launching new work, and framing commission pieces... and it isn't even February yet! Here is an update on what 2020 might look like for us:

New Artists:

If you didn't see our newest artist, Elizabeth McLaurin, you are missing out on some of the most creative and inspiring art. We are excited to see what this year has in store for Elizabeth. Most of her work is inspired by her Texas roots and passion for color:

Christenberry Collection's newest artist Elizabeth McLaurin. A Texas artist who loves color

Blushing Field 24" X 24"

New Releases:

We have also launched several new collections this year (already!) that have taken the art world by storm. Molly Wright brings her talent to us again with a rare release of abstracts that are surely the missing piece to any art collection.

Christenberry Collection loves Molly Wright and her colorful art

Colorful Breeze 30" X 40"

New Portraits:

We have more openings for personalized portrait sessions. Portraits are a gift that most of our clients say is 'the gift of a lifetime' and we are ready to make that possible for families in our community. You can schedule your portrait session by emailing us here:

Customized Portraits Available Now

We have a BIG year ahead of us and are honored that you are on the journey of art with us. If you haven't signed up for our email list, you can do that HERE (Don't worry- we won't overcrowd your inbox).

Happy New Year, Christenberry Collection family! Let's do this.


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