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Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Created by Kayla Cole

We teamed up with Cricket Newman Designs to pull together the best 10 days of gift giving. Each day is for someone special and we've rounded up the days on the blog. Be sure to visit the Shops at Cricket Newman (2710-C Gervais Street, Columbia, SC) for all of the goodies below:

Day 1: Gifts for yor BFF

Artwork: Flamingo Print by Jane Marie Trail

Animal Print Clutch

Gold Necklace

Angel Decor

Gifts for a hostess

Day 2: Gifts for Dad (or that special man in your life)

Artwork: Oysters by Cynthia Houston

Leather Dopp Kit

Cuff Links

Local BBQ Sauce

Gifts for Dad

Day 3: Hostess Gifts

Artwork: Party Scene by Amy Dixon

Gifts for Hostess

Day 4: Gift ideas for your wife (or that special woman in your life) 

Artwork: Intaglios by Ashley Williams

Gold and Pearl Jewelry

Fresh Flowers

Gifts for mom

Day 5: Gifts for your neighbor

Artwork: Sitting Birds by Angela Moulton

Gold Stud Earrings

Day 6: Gifts for your boss

Artwork: Live Oyster by Amy Christenberry

Luxe Throw Blanket

Stud Earrings

Day 7: 

 Artwork: Low Country Birds by Jenny Moss

Day 8: Gifts for an ornament swap

Christenberry Collection: Fresco cross gold ornament with red tie

Day 9: Gifts for secret santa

Artwork: Original Abstracts by Jane Marie Trail

Day 10: Gifts for those wonderful teachers in the world

 Artwork: Penelope by  Kym De Los Reyes


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