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Let's take the black out of Black Friday!

Created by Kayla Cole Black Friday Gifts Holiday

Last year America spent over 5 Billion dollars on Black Friday alone (not including Cyber Monday) and with that, thousands of new coffee pots, televisions, iWatches, and hoover boards found loving homes for the remainder of their material lives. Quite certainly, those coffee pots will last a year or two, the iWatch will be old news once another version is released, the televisions will break and the hoover boards will collect dust in the garage after the first week of fun. We will find ourselves shopping once again on Black Friday for gifts that won’t last and the cycle will continue on just as surely as the Earth spins.

What if we could buy something that was going to bring color into our Black Friday? Something we would never have to buy twice? Let’s be honest, no one likes buying the same thing twice. Art is a gift that can bring smiles and conversation into a home and has a life expectancy of many generations. A ‘gift that keeps giving’ and there is a perfect piece for everyone (even yourself, we won’t judge).

Color Way by Molly Wright

 If you are looking for a beach scene for the bathroom (thank you Emma Bell) you have come to the right place. We have artist from all over the world that are brilliant in bringing life to a canvas or print. This sneak preview of our sale will take the Black out of your Black Friday and replace it with color for the New Year.

Beach Life by Emma Brown 

Black Friday doesn't have to be full of crowded stores either, we will ship all over the United States, so don’t hold back on sending that perfect combination of color (we are looking at you Jane Marie Edwards) to your sister in Houston. 

Country Club by Jane Marie Edwards


Use the code: GIVETHANKS for 25% off of your new color and our entire website including the pieces below:


Written By:  Kayla Cole

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