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5 Tips for Choosing Art for Your Home

Created by Laurin Beckroge

Adding a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork to your home is a great way to add uniqueness to your favorite room …but it can be so difficult to choose which piece will work! Here are some tips to help make that decision a tad easier for you!

  • Color is key.

The colors in the artwork are extremely important to consider when choosing the right artwork to display in your home. If you are looking for a way to really pull all of the elements of a room together, it would be effective to select art that uses the same colors as other decorations in the room. Say you’ve used cool tones to decorate- blues and greens- you can choose a piece of art that incorporates similar shades of these colors to tie the room together. Or, if you’d like, you can be a bit more daring and try to find a piece that contrasts the colors in the room. This will give a more dramatic look. For example, it may be that you used more neutral tones in your room- beige and greys- but by adding a bold and colorful piece of art to the room, this contrast will give your room the “pop!” you may be looking for!

  • Know where the art is going to be placed.

As you’re browsing for the perfect piece of art, it’s best to start out the process with an idea of where you want to hang the artwork. Rooms can have more than one focal point, so if you’re looking to make the piece of art the focal point try hanging it over furniture, such as a couch, bed or mantle. Displaying larger pieces of art in this way is a wonderful way to define the area of the room that people will first look at when they enter. Maybe you’re looking for something that will go on a smaller area that may not be the focal point of the room or for a piece to be displayed among a gallery of other decorations. Just be sure you have a general idea of what role you want your piece of art to play in the room!


                                   Interior Design by Blanche Garcia

  • Select the right size for your space.

When you’re looking for art, find a piece of artwork that will complement the size of your space. It’s important to pay careful attention to the relationship between the size of the artwork and the wall you are looking to hang it on. Before you go artwork shopping, have the measurements of the wall or space available so you can make sure that your new addition it will be a great fit! If you’re looking to make the piece of art a focal point in the room, consider purchasing a larger piece. If you’re looking for a piece to use as an additional decoration to fill a space on a smaller, empty wall, it would be best to look for a smaller piece!

                                                                 Interior Design by Blanche Garcia

  • Don’t be scared to play with different styles.

Just because the interior of your home is more traditional doesn’t mean you have to stick with traditional artwork. You can easily make a statement by playing around with different styles of art! If you’re looking to add a little-less-tradition to your already traditional home, try a fun abstract painting or if you’re looking to add some traditional elements to a more modern home, try a realistic nature scene. You can always bring a picture with you of the room when shopping for art, it will really help for you to visualize whether or not it will work with the other elements in the room. Don’t stray away from the piece you love just because it’s not your typical style, it might just surprise you!

  • It won’t look right if you don’t love it.

No matter how carefully you may try to follow the previous tips, the art may never be the perfect fit for your home if you don’t love the piece.  Does it remind you of a special memory or location? Is it painted by your favorite local artist? Does the color palette include some of your favorite colors? If it evokes any kind of positive emotion within you, then you may have a winner!  

It’s your home, your wall, your art- so make sure that you love it!


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