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Everyone is talking about Christenberry Collection

Created by Kayla Cole

Christenberry Collection started as a small business in South Carolina and has become a collective of artists from across the country. Meredith Christenberry has left art as the focus of the business while building relationships with her community through digital media.

Over the course of the business, Christenberry Collection has been highlighted on several media outlets and we want to highlight two of our favorite pieces:

1. Style Blueprint - By Whitney Forstner

In the Style Blueprint interview, Meredith shares the tough business of online sales. She talks through how flash sales have contributed toward her success, and why it was important to move into a brick and mortar space.

Christenberry Collection | Art

Meredith talks about how she began her business and where the business is going in the future. Christenberry Collection is here to prove buying art does not have to be complicated.

To read the full interview: CLICK HERE.

Christenberry Collection | Art

Christenberry Collection | Art

2. Claire Brody Designs- by Claire

Claire interviews Meredith about the ins and outs of Christenberry Collection starting with one very important question:

Christenberry Collection | Art

Toward the end of the interview, Claire asks Meredith for advice for young business women and Meredith gives three great pieces of advice that we have summarized for you:




To read the full article: CLICK HERE

Christenberry Collection | Art

Christenberry Collection | Art


If you are interested in collaborating with Christenberry Collection- We would love to continue the talk about the brand. Email us at

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