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Artist Highlight: Ali Leja

Created by Kayla Cole Artist Highlight

Is it just me or does March bring out the cabin fever in all of us?! The weather, although unpredictable, gives us hope for those sunshine porch days coming in April. March also gives us a chance to highlight another lovely artist here at Christenberry Collection: 

 Ali was born in Valley Stream, NY, but her family moved to Florida when she was 7 years old. When she finished college, she wanted to pursue a Master's Degree in Counseling which took her to Georgia where she lives now. 

When asked about her family, Ali would rave about her two amazing sons (Liam and Quin), and tell us how her husband has put a limit on her animal rescue habits... currently in the Leja household are three rescue dogs (Lily the Boxer, Stela, and Anna Delicious). 

I was able to snag a few interview style questions from Ali to learn more about her and her passion for art. Check out some of her art and see what she has to say: 

1. How did art enter your life?

I have always loved crafting and design but I was too insecure to paint so I collected art instead. Something wonderful happened to me about four years ago and I decided I was going to teach myself to paint no matter what it took. I spoke to several artists and they all told me that you need to paint every single day to really learn. I now paint 6-7 days per week because of that advice!

2. Why do you think art is important for our society?

Art is a beautiful expression of the soul that impacts both the artist and the audience. Life without art would be unbearable and boring. For me, art brings happiness and joy into our society. 

 3. What is your artistic focus?

I am always focused on improving and enhancing my style. I want to see improvement in my art every 6 months- whether it is a new subject, different brush stroke, or new use of color. I never want to remain stagnant and I always want to keep my viewers interested. I really strive to be different. If everybody is doing it, I probably don't want to. I may be dating myself here, but I was the kid in high school who wore a turquoise Members Only jacket when most kids wore black!

4. What would your friends say makes you and your art stand out?

I believe they would say, my art is HAPPY. 

Buzz Off

5. Do you prefer the beach or the mountains for a vacation spot?

I do not have a preference on where I vacation as long as there are art galleries and curated stores. My passion is discovering one of a kind pieces of original art and bringing at least one piece home when I vacation. In fact, my home looks like an art gallery filled with paintings, pottery, and sculptures.

6. What is an interesting fact you would like others to know about you?

I have a deep caring soul that has a need to connect with others. I was born a helper and recently retired from a 20 year school counseling career. I know my art makes people happy and thats why it is important to me to paint everyday and offer a variety of work. I have a spiritual connection to my artwork and how it impacts the collectors and admirers. 

Pretty Woman

Ali knows how to bring life to a canvas after 20 years of school counseling and rescuing animals. Painting everyday means Ali basically has a piece for every room in your house. You can check out the rest of her collection on her page HERE. 

What piece of Ali's is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below:


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