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Christenberry Collection and The Roseberry

Created by Kayla Cole

If you have driven around Columbia recently and specifically on Roseberry Lane, you would have noticed a new apartment complex that stands out among the rest. The Roseberry is a new multifamily complex that Christenberry Collection was able to contribute to! Meredith Christenberry and her team were able to curate all of the art in the beautifully designed space.

 Christenberry Collection | Roseberry Blog | Artwork

The Roseberry is a breath of fresh air in regards to multifamily developments. There are some really grand spaces, which creates the fresh air feel. The interiors are sophisticated, fun, and thoughtful in a way that you don’t typically see with an apartment project. We were able to work with Julie Tuttle and her team to learn more about the state of the art community and what makes it stand out.

 Christenberry Collection | Roseberry Blog | Artwork

Julie’s team has designed and executed two other projects in Columbia, Town Center at Lake Carolina and Creekside at Greenlawn, and we learn a lot each time we complete a project. The Roseberry was an opportunity for Julie to really showcase some of the unique learning that they’ve experienced along the way in large scale projects like this. Julie wanted to produce a space that felt different than anything that you would typically see in Columbia- she wanted to create the WOW factor (and if it were up to us, we would say she did just that!).

The wow factor comes through the details of the interior design work. Grand parts to the plan for The Roseberry included the checkerboard flooring, the gold accents, the lighting choices, and elevated furniture selections, but the artwork is where Julie and her team looked to Christenberry Collection to help make it impeccable. Each piece is original, you won’t find it anywhere else, and the art direction was really thoughtful with the color story and rose concepts without being to thematic. 

Christenberry Collection | Roseberry Blog | Columbia | Artwork 

The land where The Roseberry sits was originally the first phase of Wildewood, an older country club neighborhood that is now adjacent to the Roseberry. Wildewood is a lovely neighborhood with phenomenal homes. The Roseberry needed to have a feel that would fit the character of Wildewood, and it looks like they accomplished that!

 Christenberry Collection | Roseberry Blog | Artwork

We asked Julie if there were any hiccups along the way in the design of such a large property, and she shared with us that most of what her and her team designed and conceptualized came to realization- which is unusual and great! There didn’t seem to be too many hiccups and her team was able to give themselves enough time on the front end to really be thoughtful with materials, so any minor changes were easily made. 

Christenberry Collection | Roseberry Blog | Artwork

When Julie was asked what part of the design she loved the most, she shared this: “Goodness, there’s so much that I love. I really love the front entrance and approach to the grand room with the glass overlook. I love the baby grand piano. I LOVE the blue room. I think the overarching thing that I love most though is our color story and the hints of that throughout the common spaces, the artwork, and on every floor level. Each floor has a designated color that is incorporated into our apartment unit numbers and our stairwell floor numbers. Those little hints of artwork and design weave into people’s everyday lives and I think something even that small makes a big difference.”

 Christenberry Collection | Roseberry Blog | Artwork

Julie began working with the Christenberry Collection Team to ensure The Roseberry had truly custom artwork with a local element. The design was meant to be a design that honored Columbia as a city as well as the community that represents it. Meredith Christenberry and Ashley Williams were able to collaborate and curate the art in a way that takes the design to the next level. The art really makes The Roseberry property one of a kind, provides great conversation pieces, and feels very gallery-like everyday - who wouldn’t be proud to live and work here!

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