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Artist Highlight: Leah Richardson

Created by Kayla Cole Artist Highlight

When we talk about well-rounded artists, we think of things like different mediums or different avenues of art... but a well-rounded artist could also be a women who shares her artistic passion in a multitude of arenas. 

This month, our featured artist is exactly what Christenberry Collection would call a well-rounded artist. Leah G. Richardson does it all. She paints, draws, and teaches tiny humans the basics of being an artist. Her art can be found all over the southeast and in most places in Columbia, SC, her hometown. 

Leah has a passion for making sure artists of all ages get exposure to art and she begins with hosting "Dream Parties" where she teaches children the basics of painting and guides them through the artistic process. 

Leah G Richardson

When she is not hosting a Dream Party, Leah can be found painting in her studio located at The Collective on Carlisle Street in Columbia, SC. She loves sharing a studio with other artists to gain inspiration and build off other's creativity!

Leah G. Richardson

Leah's work is inspired by the coastal scenes of South Carolina (like the Rainbow Row below and the bright colors of her childhood (like the fun piece Bouncing Around The Room). 

Leah chose pieces for her spotlight month that are bright and welcoming and we could almost pinch ourselves that they are finally here!

Leah G Richardson

Leah G Richardson

Leah G Richardson

If you want to follow Leah and her colorful journey, you can find her on Instagram @dreamalittleart or at

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