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How to find art for your home: What colors to use?

Created by Kayla Cole

Each New Year brings hope of possibilities and new relationships while enjoying the foundations set in years before. Art is not an exception to this, we grow new inspiration and build our homes over time.

Is there a room in your home you are working on this year? If you are like me, you may not know what color art to add to a space to make it the perfect fit. There are so many different options and all are as magnificent as the next! Instead of being overwhelmed, we created a fool proof way to choose a 'focus color' for any room you are looking to spice up. It is simple and (we think) fun to practice!

First, sit in the room you are looking to add art to. Maybe a kitchen, guest room, or office? I would suggest bringing a notepad and pen for the next step.

Next, sitting there, think of any adjectives you want to feel while in this room. You may want to feel warm in a guest room, excited in a kitchen, or fun & girly for a daughters room. Whatever the adjectives you want to feel, write them down.

The trick here is that colors make us feel even if we don't realize it. If your list had a lot of words like peace, loyalty, and trust... you may want to focus on blue for the art in the room. Each color we see brings us emotions.

Last, We have collaborated a cheatsheet of colors and emotions that would be associated with those colors. Once your adjective list is complete, compare to the emotions below and you will be walking in the direction of a perfect piece of art for your home:

Red- Passion, Energy, Achievement. Emma Bell shows us energy and passion in her Red Flowers (below), notice the details of red in the reflection of the vase.


Orange- Optimism, Excitement, Enthusiasm. Kym De Los Reyes' Still Life- Cajun Apple (below) is one of the 'color jackpot' pieces for the color orange. The enthusiasm is tangible if you look at it long enough. 

Yellow- Intellectual, Sunny, Friendly, Lighthearted. Kaki Dixon brings sunny to life in Limoncello (below). This would make any room lighthearted and bright!

Green- Healthy, Life, Renewal. Shields Catone knows green can put life on paper and bring newness  to any room. Shields' Irises I (pictured below) is a fantastic example of what green can look like on canvas.

Blue- Peace, Loyalty, Trust. Ashley Williams takes peace and brings it to life with her Winter Hues III (pictured below). Hint-This piece could go in a high-traffic room to bring some calm colors. 

Purple- Royalty, Power, Pride, Devotion. Angela Moulton knows how to show devotion with Two Chickadees No. 120 (below). The birds, surrounded by purple, are an example of devotion to one another and pride in relationships!

Pink- Love, Nurturing, Fun, Girly.  Teil Duncan's Blushing Wind (below) is a great example of pink bringing us nurturing emotions.

We LOVE this type of fun, so be sure to tag us on instagram to show off what you come up with: @Christenberry_Collection



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