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Artist Highlight: Ashley Williams

Created by Kayla Cole Artist Highlight

Christenberry Collection is featuring a local artist for the month of March and could not get enough of her personality spunk and artistic abilities. Ashley Williams does it all, but most importantly she makes art that brings joy to the lives of so many. 
Ashley has been experimenting with graffiti recently and incorporating it into her “Babes in Baubles” series to give it an edgier flair.  Sometimes the juxtaposition of graffiti and a more traditional interior design is really just what a space needs. Ashley believes, "It’s ok to break design rules!"
Here is a piece Ashley worked on for quite a while- Graffiti Lady. (Available exclusively on
Christenberry Collection | Art
Ashley was born and raised in Columbia, SC where she lives with her husband, three children (Taylor 8, Rocco 6, and Brewer 4) and my dog/life co-pilot, Bruce. Ashley is an artist and shop owner ( 3128 The Collective). Ashley credits her mom with the main influence of art in her early childhood. Her mom was an Art major in college and  went on to Master in Art at USC, she was always sewing, painting furniture, murals, canvas, taking Ashley to estate auctions, antique stores, fabric/textile shops around SC and beyond.
Christenberry Collection | Art | Ashley Williams
Ashley's mom supported her daughters in all areas of learning including fashion and science, but eventually, Ashley and her sister found their way back to art. Ashley now as an artist and her sister as an interior designer in Denver.
Christenberry Collection | Art | Ashley Williams
We asked Ashley, Why she thinks art is important for our society, and she responded in true Ashley form:
“Art is anything you can get away with” -Andy Warhol  
This [quote] about sums it up. In a society that is driven by rules and regulations, art is one of the only forms of expression in which we can break rules and norms.
Christenberry Collection | Art | Ashley Williams
 What we love about Ashley Williams is that she takes her art to all possible avenues and expressions. Ashley uses paper,  canvas, spray paint, ink, acrylic, oil pastel, collage, textiles, and plaster. She never holds herself to one type of art, and her work is brilliant because of this.
Ashley connected with Meredith Christenberry a few years ago when they were both in the first few years of starting their businesses.  Now, years later, they live across the street from each other, their kids play almost daily, and they are able to share ideas and collaborate all the time.
Christenberry Collection | Art | Ashley Williams
So what is next for Ashley Williams?
Meredith and Ashley are so excited to begin work on a mural project later this month at a local apartment community, The Roseberry Columbia, where they were able to help place art this Fall in preparation for their opening. This will be a big project that Ashley is honored to take on.
To follow The Roseberry Columbia- Check out their Instagram @theroseberrycolumbia 
This is not the first joint project for the Ashley/Meredith Duo- The two ladies love collaborating on ancient roman and greek medallions (intaglios) and arranging them for clients. 
Christenberry Collection | Art | Ashley Williams


Christenberry Collection loves working with Ashley and we hope you enjoy her work too. Here is where you can find Ashley this spring:

  • April 6-7: 3128 The Collective will be a part of 701 CCA’s Open Studios in Columbia, SC.
  • April 28: Ashley will be set up at the Columbia Food and Wine Festival in Five Points

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