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FLORA by Kristin Cooney

Created by Kayla Cole

We are back at it on the blogging side of Christenberry Collection. The summer was busy and fun, but now it is time for fall and time for us to highlight some of our favorite people and places of art.

This week we want to introduce you to Kristin Cooney, an Atlanta-based, self-taught artist who has been with our collection for many years. We love Kristin’s creativity and passion for painting.

Christenberry Collection

Kristin is never without inspiration because she is the mother of triplets. She finds herself surrounded with comfort, laughter and happiness every day in the midst’s of motherhood challenges. To many people in the communities of Atlanta, Kristin is their Dentist. A dentist/artist is hard to come by, but we are sure glad she is on our team.

This week we are releasing Kristin’s ‘FLORA’ collection and are loving the bright colors and hint of pink in each piece.

The beauty of a botanical garden and with the happiness of color unite to make each piece in the FLORA SERIES a source of joy for any room. This series was inspired by the blooms surrounding Kristin's home in springtime and her obsession with midcentury wallpaper patterns. These large scale florals are a perfect focal point in a foyer vignette or gorgeous accent to any special spot in your home.

Christenberry Collection | Floral Art | Kristin Cooney

Christenberry Collection | Floral Art | Kristin Cooney

Above you see 'Blooms of Eden'

The details in the petals of this piece are the stunner. Acrylic ink and acrylic paint are used to achieve the look of translucent and veined petals on these flowers. Magenta, chartreuse, green, and pink in a balanced and elegant composition make this a true statement piece!

Christenberry Collection | Floral Art | Kristin Cooney

The last piece in this collection is 'A Pocket Full of Poppies" and we cannot get enough of the pink/blue combo that Kristin pulled together for this one. Kristin is a talented artist, dedicated mom, and loved dentist, but we have to applaud this collection as one of her best accomplishments this year.

What are your thoughts? Where would you see this collection hanging? We would love to hear from you on Instagram @Christenberr_Collection

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