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Artist Highlight: Angela Moulton

Created by Kayla Cole Artist Highlight

The artists are the foundation of the Christenberry Collection community. Each artist is unique and adds a special touch to our gallery. This week we are loving on Angela Moulton. 

Angela is from the midwest, but spends most of her days now in Chicago. Ten years ago Angela moved to a cattle ranch in Idaho and began to paint more frequently. 

When asked why she thinks art is important for our society, Angela responded: "I’ve heard it said Art is more important than food and clothing. It’s like love. It’s like beauty. It’s like music. I personally think art has power. It can solve problems between two people and between continents and cultures. But sometimes the best art is a child’s drawing because it’s a pure expression of one’s heart and mind."

Angela specializes in oil paints but works in watercolor and acrylic too. She is looking to pursue new mediums in the future as her passion grows, but for now we cannot get enough of the beauty she creates:

If you were to join Angela on a vacation, she would be happy at the beach or in the mountains. She just loves being outdoors and active no matter where she is. 

Her family is grand, starting with three children, two dogs, a goat, horses, 16 cats and many cows (obviously the cows don't live in Chicago, but in Idaho for a much better living experience). 

Somehow in-between being a great mom, artist, and animal whisperer, Angela manages to find time to take ballet lessons. She is working to be en pointe (on her tippy toes) soon! What a fun way to stay active?!

If you want to see the art Angela makes and brings to life for us, you can visit her page HERE.

-Kayla Cole and Christenberry Collection

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