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Oyster Art

Created by Laurin Beckroge

For those of you who love oysters as much as we do, know that it’s best to eat them during the months with the letter “R” in their name.

Being the middle of October, we’re currently in the heart of the oyster season. It’s not only the perfect time of year for oysters in the food industry, but it is in the art world as well. We’ve just recently added some beautiful new pieces to the inventory that have tastefully incorporated the shells of these sea creatures!


We love these new "Panhandle Pearl" pieces from Amy Christenberry! In these distressed wooden boxes, lie four authentic oyster shells- straight from the coast. Each oyster is lined with touches of gold, emphasizing the shell’s natural beauty and uniqueness. Check out our inventory to see the other unique ways that Amy has incorporated oyster shells into her artwork.



 Next, we have these beautiful abstract oysters by Ashley Williams. The bright harmony of coastal blues and greys, with subtle touches of pink, really makes these pieces stand out. Having these will bring a little taste of the coast to your home, all year long. They are available in both 4x4 and 16x20 inch canvases that complement each other so well when paired together!


Amy Dixon’s Originals Mini Petite Oysters on canvas and "Oyster Bed" reflect the perfect blend of texture and rich colors bring life to these pieces. The colors remind me so much of the Lowcountry salt-water marshes-and the treasures that can be found among them. These pieces of artwork are truly treasures themselves- and we have a few more that may also be perfect for your home, if you’re looking for a similar piece on a larger scale!


This Shields Catone Original hanging in this office space is a clean look we absolutely love! Smaller special orders are available from her "Gilded Oyster" series. These have been a favorite this year!

Thankfully, each of these oysters never loses their decorative taste, no matter what month it is. Stop our gallery located in The Shops at Cricket Newman Designs 2710 Gervais Street to get a closer look at some of these and other pearls of the sea that we’ve added to the collection! You can also email us with questions

To see all of our Oyster pieces go to:


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