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Times of Refreshing- Acts 3:20

Times of Refreshing- Acts 3:20


Perfect Peace Collection

Artist: Kelly Pelfrey

Dimensions: 11 x 14 x 1.5"

Medium: Original Acrylic Painting on gallery wrapped canvas contact for questions or framing options 

The story behind this collection:

When my husband and I traveled to Greece in October, we had the joy of being a part of a "Persian Believer's Night" (refugees now living in Greece attended at a local church).  After an evening of encouraging one another and sharing a meal, we exited to the streets of Athens to head back to our homes or hotels.  After saying my goodbyes inside, I found my husband (who never meets a stranger) speaking with a new couple on the street.  Discovering they were from St. Petersburg, Russia, we engaged in a light-hearted talk about their travels. Suddenly, they asked, "Who are these people coming out?  Why do they look so happy?"  Indeed... why would these refugees, who have fled their homelands, many being separated from siblings, children and parents, appear so full of life and hope?  My husband and I looked at each other, "Well, it's because of the joy they've found in Jesus," we said and then asked if there was any way we could pray for our new Russian friends. They simply replied, "for world peace."  
And what a rich request... which has already been answered.  
Peace has come, not to governments and powers that be, but rather to the hearts of man.
Each of these paintings are inspired by some of my favorite verses in scripture, which speak to The reason for my hope, regardless of the state of the world or the worries of my heart.  It's why I can sing with all of my soul, each Christmas, "Joy to the World!"  In this collection you'll find glimpses of Greece... olive branches and oranges, (which were ripe and abundant during our trip) as well as the contentment, grace, and peace that live in the hearts of our dear friends there.
Wishing you the very same this upcoming season!
With love,

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