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Italian Light


Timeless Collection

Artist: Kelly Pelfrey

Dimensions: 11"  X 14"

Medium: Acrylic

Surface: Heavy Weight Paper in 16x20 White Mat

From the artist:

As I began working on this collection, I began to think about why I’m so drawn to still life paintings in this season, particularly scenes that include “timeless treasures.”  And I’ve come to realize that the reasons are deeper rooted than just the obvious visual beauty.
When I look at reflections in silver, on vintage glass, or bouncing off of a blue and white piece, I think about the history that’s held these objects.  There were mothers and grandmothers (and perhaps fathers and grandfathers) who first picked out these vessels to host friends and family in their homes. There are the artisans, who crafted the necessities (we all need cups and bowls) in such a way that decades later, we can’t help but still appreciate with awe their attention to detail and design.  In fact, it’s the near permanence of this beauty that is quite grounding while living through a time period that is ever shifting. 
Of course, we can also celebrate change -- (you’ll see that I’ve done so with a color story in this collection that is transitional from summer hues to more autumnal tones), -- but it’s so much easier to do so, when some things do in fact remain the same.  For me, my faith is a rock to which I not only cling but also draw extreme strength and hope from.  So while I hope you enjoy and get lost in these moments of tables set, pretty pitchers and glistening bowls, my goal is that they also serve as reminders of what is indeed eternally beautiful and most certainly timeless.


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