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Daughter No. 9 painting Kelly Pelfrey - Christenberry Collection

Daughter No. 9


Artist: Kelly Pelfrey

Dimensions: 8" X 10" X 3/4"

Medium: Acrylic

Surface: Canvas

I just wrapped up painting 9 pieces in the final weeks of pregnancy.  Our precious baby girl, my third daughter will be here any day now!  Aside from ultrasound blurs, I have no idea what she’ll actually look like.  Her personality is a mystery to me.  I really don’t know her yet.

But I know these truths:

She is beautiful.  Perfectly designed.

She has been created for a purpose, engineered according to plan.

Every feature, including every quirk in her personality has been handcrafted.  The count of her hairs is known.

Her life will include both heartache and happiness.  Suffering and songs of joy.

And, I KNOW she is loved.

She is fiercely loved. 

These paintings are for the daughters.  For the daughter on her 91st birthday and the daughter learning to shave her legs.  For the daughter who just lost her husband and the one walking down the aisle.  For the one limping her way through middle school halls and the one clinging to the rail in the nursing home.  To the baby with her first cries, and the little old lady burying yet another friend.  To the girls giggling on the playground and the women battling through the work week. 

Daughter, whoever you are, wherever you are, you are loved.  Not because of anything you have done.  You are loved.  Not because of your reflection.  You are loved.  Not because of your youth or your wisdom or your strivings.  You are loved.  Not because of your savings or your givings.  You are loved.

So so very loved.  Because you are a daughter, crafted by the perfect Most High King.

I hope these paintings remind you of women, from all races and ages throughout the centuries, who have lived.  Whose value is not in what they have seen or done, though their roles have been purposeful and pivotal, but rather whose they are.

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