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Quiet Riches

Quiet Riches


Artist: Elizabeth Alice

Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 1.5

Medium: original Acrylic

Surface: Canvas {painted gallery wrap edges} 

Picnics to the summer are like blue skies are to a beautiful day. Together they make your heart just sing! Elizabeth Alice Studio takes the best of family memories…her grandmother’s dishes, cherished gifts from loved ones and her own special finds and paints them in such a delightful manner that you just want to go pack your own picnic and head for the park!  So grab a loved one, a little cheese, bread and wine and enjoy this visual feast!

I was 19 years old, visiting Paris with a group of students. One afternoon, our guide popped into a cheese shop and bought a variety of cheese for us to try. There was one that I tried for the first time that I especially liked: Mimolette, a hard orange cheese. 
I went back into the shop and bought a block for myself. 
The next morning, we left Paris, and...I forgot my block of cheese in the hotel mini fridge. I'm still torn up about it! 
It wasn't a typical picnic. It was a chilly day and we stood, shivering, in a city park instead of lounging on blankets in the sun. But the memory makes me think of being young, trying new things, and feeling with youthful optimism that good things are coming. 

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