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Breathtaking painting Kelly Pelfrey - Christenberry Collection



Artist: Kelly Pelfrey

Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 1.5"

Medium: Acrylic

Surface: Canvas

When my little girl was 18 months-old, she would say “Wow” in the most drawn out and expressive way: “Wooooooowww!” I can think of many times, when all I could say was “wow.” And a few when I was speechless.

Breathtaking. That’s the Grand Canyon (I hear), certain sunsets, the birth of a newborn baby. And that’s you. Yes, you. You are breathtakingly beautiful. It goes way beyond your reflection, though it is oh so lovely, and has to do so much more with your heart. The way you serve. The way you love. It’s breathtaking.

Send this painting and its message to someone who's heart is truly breathtaking.

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