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Artist: Powers Tanis

Dimensions: 36" x 36" x 1.5"

Original Abstract 

Medium: Acrylic 

Surface: Canvas

Inspiration from the artist:

The "Translations" collection is a visual interpretation of the stories God shares about our lives on this Earth. As an artist, we are called to take the gorgeous skies He paints for us every single day and share those skies in colors that move and mold our thoughts and feelings. 

Conversations are hard. I'm not talking the "Isn't the weather great?" or the "How was your kid's soccer match?" I'm talking the real conversations - the ones that get down to the dirt. I'm talking about going beyond the "How are you?" to the "Hey, really, though, how are you?" conversations and truly connecting with someone. Or the ones where you are out of your comfort zone having a beautiful, yet hard conversation about someone's journey that you cannot truly understand. Or the ones where you are being a listening ear to a child struggling and doesn't know where to turn. 

Those bold conversations are life altering - maybe not life shattering, but they make a dent in your emotions, beliefs or understanding. God calls us to have the bold conversations and challenge ourselves and others to connect, engage and understand. 

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