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Kate K.


Kate K. approaches her work as an artist with joy and purpose. She is inspired by all areas of her life to create work infused with peaceful yet vibrant energy.

As a small child Kate added art to her front yard lemonade stand inventory where she sold drawings, scribbles and doodles to her neighbors. When her surprised mother asked how much her art costs, the 6 year old Kate had priced the lemonade at 25 cents and her “art” at a dollar and thus began Kate's career as an artist.

Kate attended the College of Charleston and studied business while she continued to refine her craft. She frequently visited museums and studied the works of Monet, Rothko, and Degas. Post college, Kate studied art at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design at George Washington University.

Now an emerging artist in Richmond, Virginia, Kate is known for her abstracts, colorful Zen Blocks, and her joyful motherhood series. She is often drawn to painting marshes, too, evoking the low country and sea island landscapes of her youth. Kate prefers to work with watercolors as her medium. Unlike oils and acrylics, she finds watercolors to be ever-changing, unpredictable, and hard to control. When Kate sits down to paint, she doesn’t sketch or plan her first strokes — she lets the water flow until they find a rhythm together. She is often surprised by what appears, which is both a challenge and a joy that keeps her returning to her sunroom studio, often late into the night while her baby son sleeps upstairs. 

When describing her art, Kate talks about it as a living, breathing being that eventually dries, ending its evolution and leaving a permanent mark on paper. When viewed through this perspective, it is hard not to feel a pull towards her pieces.