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Lauren Roberts

Lauren Roberts was born and raised near Richimond, VA.  Her love for art began at an early age as she painted with water colors alongside her grandmother.  Lauren continued to practice her art all the way through college, taking classes and painting in her free time.  Laurencurrently lives in Columbia, SC with her husband, their precious daughter, and their two yellow labs.  While working full time and enjoying her family takes up most of her day, Lauren is beginning to find time to pursue her passion of art.  On the weekends and evenings, she jumps at the chance to pick up her paint brush and create.

Lauren primarily creates abstract paintings using acrylic paint with oil and soft pastels on canvas, but she is always experimenting and evolving as an artist.  She loves to play with the contrast between different color combinations and the negative space on the canvas.  Laurenis inspired by the colors of the South Carolina coast and her love for interior design.  By painting pieces she would like to hang in her own home, Lauren hopes to create art that will add beauty to her clients' homes and decor. For her latest artwork follow her on Instagram (@laurenrobertsart).