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Kate Waddell

Kate Waddell Collection

I was born and raised in Columbus, Ga and then ventured on to the fairy tale city of Charleston, SC where I attended the College of Charleston & earned my degree in Studio Art. After my first painting class at the college, I left very discouraged in my seemingly horrible painting style and was determined to never paint again. My professor, Tony Csavas, encouraged me in my different style and is one of the main reasons why I kept painting. Too, I am a follower of Jesus and through painting, I see the beauty of His creation & the Joy that comes from that.
I have always loved people, the human figure and color. Inspired mostly by light and color, I try to embody Cezanne in painting subjects in such a way that allows a human eye to detect the image through color and line. With that, my hope is to paint the things I see in a refreshing and distinct way.