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Elisa Sheehan

Elisa has always painted. But before her life was full-time artist, children, and outdoor escapade it was a job in Boston, graphic design, and urban frenzy. When her husband and herself relocated upstate to go rogue and rural, the next right move was to freelance, resulting in a booming design business she ran for thirteen years. Still, she never left the quiet of the canvas, and her work continued to migrate through the galleries and shows across the East Coast.
Elisa has always loved the Japanese art of “kintsugi” wherein broken pottery is repaired with gold and rather than trying to disguise the break or flaw, it is highlighted and therefore elevated to a status of beauty. Its age is celebrated, its history is seen, its flaws are revered. She thinks it is a good way to think about ourselves, others and our relationships as we age - not to try to look like our former, younger selves but to embrace our “breaks and flaws” and to honor them and see the beauty in them.

Each eggshell is hand painted before gold leaf is carefully applied in the kintsugi fashion. Groupings are made and the shells are mounted and framed. They can be hung on a wall or placed on a shelf.